Monday, April 27, 2009

An Ohio program to train beauticians about cancer screening was named Partnership for Prevention's Best Prevention Idea of the Week, while a recent vote by the Nevada Senate to soften a statewide smoking ban was named the Worst Prevention Idea of the week.

The Best/Worst Idea awards are a regular feature of Prevention Matters, the blog of Partnership for Prevention. Each week, Partnership for Prevention's staff will choose the designees based on nominations of items in the previous week's news submitted by members, staff and the public at large. To submit a nomination or for more information, contact Damon Thompson at .


Beauticians learning cancer prevention

The Cleveland Clinic is training local beauticians about cancer screenings and research information. The program is targeted to African-American women. Salon employees were educated on how to give encouragement and guidance for clients who need mammograms and breast health information


Nevada Senators Vote to Ease the State’s Ban on Smoking

The Nevada Senate voted 16 to 5 on Friday to advance a measure that would soften a statewide smoking ban, putting the state on track to become the first in the nation to ease restrictions it had imposed on cigarette use in public spaces. The Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, which took effect in 2007, bans smoking in any indoor space where minors may be present and where food is served. The new bill, which now moves to the Assembly for consideration, would allow taverns that offer food to permit smoking if they bar people under 21 from entry.


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