Monday, July 27, 2009

Prevention Can Control Cost Drivers, Critelli Tells Post

Partnership for Prevention Board Member Michael J. Critelli was quoted in a July 26 article in The Washington Post in which he identified prevention as a way to control health care cost drivers.

"The best thing we can do to rein in health-care costs is to invest in keeping people healthy instead of waiting for them to be sick or injured," Critelli said.

"For example, if someone is very obese and is at risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and back pain, a doctor cannot be reimbursed for helping them lose weight in the Medicare system -- the patient must be diagnosed with a disease first," he said. "That's like saying that we wait until the roof leaks and ruins our living room furniture before we repair a hole in the roof."

Critelli is former chief executive at Pitney Bowes, a mailing services company where he innovated in employer-based health care.


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