Thursday, September 17, 2009

Partnership for Prevention today said it was encouraged by a new initiative at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in which economic stimulus funds will be used to reduce risk factors associated with the leading causes of preventable death.

“Tobacco use, poor nutrition and lack of physical activity are driving the overwhelming majority of preventable deaths and chronic illnesses in the United States,” said Partnership President/CEO Robert J. Gould. “Investing in high-impact approaches to reduce these risk factors should yield a handsome return for the country, not only in terms of improved health but also in improved productivity and an improved economy.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announce the release of $373 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to fund the first part of a new $650 million public health initiative named “Communities Putting Prevention to Work.” The initial $373 million will fund competitive grants awarded to communities to support evidence-based prevention strategies for youths and adults and to promote partnerships across communities and sectors.

Funds will be awarded for projects in two categories: Obesity/Physical Activity/Nutrition and Tobacco Control/Cessation. Approximately 30-40 community awardees will be selected for the initiative. Awards for both categories will vary with size of jurisdiction and the needs of communities. Size of the grants varies from $500,000-$1 million for tribal applicants to $10 million-$20 million for large cities.

Partnership for Prevention had urged Congress to include disease prevention and health promotion projects in the economic stimulus bill, and had also encouraged HHS to invest those funds in high-impact, evidence-based approaches to reduce the major risk factors. Communities that wish to apply for awards can find more information at

An additional $277 million will be made available in the coming weeks to states, territories, and other organizations and networks to support and extend the reach and impact of the community projects. The deadlines for the state, territory, and other prevention projects that are part of the Communities Putting Prevention to Work initiative will be announced soon.


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