Monday, May 9, 2011

Partnership for Prevention published a state case study telling the story of Colorado’s journey toward comprehensive tobacco cessation coverage. Entitled “A Collaborative Approach to Meeting the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force Recommendations on Tobacco Cessation Screening and Intervention”, it describes how the Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership worked closely with public and private health plans to provide coverage for tobacco treatment. As a result, the majority of Colorado smokers have access to free or low-cost evidence-based cessation services and support for the state’s QuitLine has been enhanced. Advances were made in spite of decreased state tobacco control program funding.

Leaders in many states have begun to work with health plans to discuss the provision of preventive services. As the implementation of federal health reform moves forward it is Partnership’s hope that states can benefit from Colorado’s pioneering work in advancing tobacco cessation treatment. As states and territories progress toward a more integrated approach to preventive health, the Colorado Tobacco Cessation and Sustainability Partnership model for engaging health plans to implement USPSTF recommendations for cessation coverage can be applied to other preventive health services.


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