Thursday, February 12, 2009

Opponents might argue that it’s beckoning back to the days of prohibition, but increasing the alcohol excise tax is a valid strategy to improve the nation’s economy and health status. Tobacco taxes have been increased several times over the last few years for the very same reasons, yet it has been more than 18 years since the taxes on alcohol were raised. A commentary by Steve Heilig in the February 11th issue of Join Together provides a solid argument on the importance of increasing the alcohol tax—at both the state and federal levels.

UPDATE: Kentucky bourbon industry officials emptied bottles of bourbon on the state Capitol's front steps Tuesday to protest a proposed 6-percent sales tax on all distilled spirits. Despite this attempt at a new "whiskey rebellion," the state House Appropriations and Revenue Committee approved the proposal in an effort to offset a projected $456 million revenue shortfall in the fiscal year that ends June 30.


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