Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shape Up or Pay Up in Kennesaw

The Kennesaw, Ga., city council Monday night approved a plan that would impose a health insurance surcharge on high-risk employees who don't take part in city-sponsored wellness programs. Under the policy, high-risk employees can join stop-smoking and weight-loss programs or meet weekly with a coach to address other risk factors. Smokers who don't do so will pay a surcharge of $25 per pay period, while high-risk non-compliant employees will pay a surcharge of $50 per every two-week pay period.

Currently, 125 of Kennesaw’s 233 employees attend wellness programs, which began a year ago. Mandatory health screenings began in the fall. The state of Georgia's insurance charges are $40 a month more for employees who smoke and are not in a smoking cessation program.


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