Thursday, October 8, 2009

For Your Listening Pleasure... The Health Reform Bill

Don't have time to read the health reform bills working their way through Congress? Try listening to them! Voice actors Diane Havens and Kathleen Keesling have set up a website called as a public service for those who want to know exactly what the health care bill contains.

In the case of the House bill - HR3200 - it took nearly three weeks of 12-hour days for the site’s creators to pull together the entire bill, which was divided into 62 files which were read by 50 volunteer professionals working in home studios in locations as far flung as Colorado and the United Kingdom. The final product runs nearly 24 hours

They have since added the chairman's mark of the Senate Finance Committee bill as well as modifications made on Sept. 22. They are still recruiting volunteers for future recordings as the bills progress.


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