Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Partnership for Prevention and Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) has launched a new ad campaign entitled "Health Care vs. Sick Care."

"Americans don't just want a health system that treats them when they're sick. They want a health system that works to help them stay well,” said Rob Gould, PhD, President and CEO of Partnership for Prevention. “We hope Congress recognizes what we say in this ad: that real health reform starts with prevention."

“This ad campaign conveys how health reform provides a once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform our health care system from a sick care system to one that emphasizes prevention and wellness,” said Jeff Levi, PhD, Executive Director of TFAH. “The evidence is clear that prevention is the key to better health, and that well-designed and well-implemented disease prevention programs could spare millions of Americans from needless suffering.”

The ad stresses the importance of including prevention as a central pillar of health reform. It features visuals of people riding bikes, juxtaposed with an individual in a wheelchair, underscoring that real health care must involve keeping people healthy in the first place, instead of just focusing on treating them after they get sick.

The ad copy reads:

“Americans are not as healthy as they could be or should be. High rates of preventable diseases, like heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes are one of the biggest reasons the U.S. has skyrocketing health care costs. We will continue to struggle with health care costs until we do a better job of keeping people healthier. Smart, strategic investments in proven prevention programs can have a real payoff in dollars, workforce productivity, and quality of life. With an investment of $10 per person per year in proven community-based program to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and prevent smoking and other tobacco use, the country could save more than $16 billion annually within five years. That’s a return of $5.60 for every $1 invested. REAL Health Reform Starts with Prevention. Visit to learn more about how a Prevention and Public Health Fund and National Prevention Strategy should be the centerpiece of health reform.”

The return on investment figures in the ad were from TFAH’s Prevention for a Healthier America: Investments in Disease Prevention Yield Significant Savings, Stronger Communities, published in July 2008 and based on a literature review by The New York Academy of Medicine and an economic model by the Urban Institute.

Key prevention and public health provisions in the House Tri-Committee bill (the America's Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009) and Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions draft health reform bill (the Affordable Health Choices Act) include:

• The creation of a National Prevention and Wellness Strategy (House) or a National Prevention and Health Promotion Strategy (Senate) that clearly defines prevention objectives and offers a plan for addressing those priorities; and

• The establishment of a Public Health Investment Fund (House) or a Prevention and Public Health Fund (Senate), which would be financed through a mandatory appropriation to support expansion of public health functions and services that surround, support, and strengthen the health care delivery system. The Fund would support core governmental public health functions, population level non-clinical prevention and wellness programs, workforce training and development, disparity issues, and public health research to improve the science base of prevention efforts.

• First-dollar coverage of clinical preventive services provided by Medicaid, with deductibles and co-pays prohibited.

The ad is available on TFAH’s Web site at: and additional information about prevention and public health in health reform is available at

Additional information about the Partnership for Prevention’s ongoing REAL Health Reform Starts with Prevention initiative is available on their Web site at .


  1. Henry said...
    The How to;

    President Obama, asked for the help, of a way to cover the sick. And it is a simple concept that is presented before all to see. Health Care Insurance Companies will not cover the sick, {This will not make dollars for them.} Our tax failure within our system will not be able to carry the load because of cost.
    Within this United Forum, as Health Care Insurance Companies do join and earn money by helping the pay in form and the Health Care Tax Forum within our Medicare Tax system all ready in place, the concept of the dollar is like this in a low ball figure, { $10.00 x 250 million people, per week x 1 month} as stated before you do the math.
    Now this is the part that Government Officials do not like, because of the constant failures before 9/11/2001 to 2/15/2010, all government Officials should be penalized
    10% off of their pay. And that money should go to the Health Care Account. It is a recorded fact of history that our Officials we elected / hired to do a job have failed to do their jobs. The lives of the people have become in dangered and lives lost. They fight over this Health Care Dollar as if it is to be split up between 52 States. Our goal is to Unite The 52 States Of the United States Of America, as it should be.
    Health Care Companies have also failed, and it is also a part of documented history, of their failures. This concept of profit under a Health Care Responsibility is the biggest lie before the people and we offer one last chance to theses Insurance Companies to Unite with the Peoples Government and earn money. Fact; 0ne Insurance Company can not maintain the dollar cost of a few people, so what happens when a Nation Wide Out Break takes Place ?
    Some how Government Officials failed to understand that the American People have a common sense about them to see that around 173 Million people still jobs out of 373 million legal American People and there are around 125 million Illegal People in the U.S.A. It would only confirm the failure of Government Officials if they admitted this information.
    Some have asked how I know that this is a $100 Trillion Dollar Health Care Package that Officials fight over, I called and asked Insurance Companies. And to my surprise 70% of those I talked to stated that this concept of a United Health Care Forum Built By The People in our Government System hold a honest approach of how to cover the sick that cant be covered. And Laws built to protect this money from miss use.
    I wanted to Save this for page 100 but I will only show part of the building block of a Health Care Reform Stimulus Package. It is of a interest to many people to see the ideas that will come forward.
    So again I ask all to Help President Obama to get this Job concept under way, and at the same time build this Health Care reform. Do not set it into action and not keep track of it, I am talking about a 10 year month to month data read out to see if scams are in the works. And I will state this one more time just to humor Government Officials, as you fight over this Health Care Issue, it looks like a bunch of chickens fighting over a scared little bug, as I reached down and took this little scared little Health care Bug from you, I now have it safe in my hand, and this health care belongs to the people.
    Henry Massingale
    FASC Concepts in and for Pay It Forward
    Henry said...
    To help cover the sick and the poor is a FASC Concept that states that to build a Health Care Forum within our Government Institution is a Peoples right to do so and this is Protect Under the Constitution as a Human and Civil Right. So in plan words if the poor and the sick could only afford to pay $5.00 to $10.00 per month this would to bring a balance toward the broken tax system, to add up this number 32 million to 100 million sick and poor people x $5.00 per month. This will place back into the system $116 million $to 500 million dollars per month. The cause and effect of this will reduce the purposed Health Care Tax Forum, to bring about a reduced effect so not to a over  burden system. Take my faith in this and almost all the poor and sick would be happy to pay in and help rebuild the United States failed tax system. Also To bring about a balance of trust lost between the people and Officials.
     Under a Federal Health Care Group built by my friends and I. {You see the poor, as you see them}, as for them they see them self not poor, but of a different race of people and environment and have faith it that which was in the past that so many do not have a clue of what God and Country is all about.
      Will be up dated today  3/25/2010

    Issue 1.

    FASC tax and pay in Forum, A Concept to help the Poor and Sick.

    FASC Concepts of a guideline of income and a fair payment for the poor to the rich.
      CLASS                                            INCOME                                                    MONTHLY PAYMENTS
     {A} formatt for people making up to $29000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to $40.00 per month
     {B}                                       up to $19000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to  $30.00 per month
     {C}                                       up to $12000.00 per year, EST of monthly cost up to  $20.00 per month
     {D}                                       from 0.00 income to $9000.00 per year /   cost up to 0.00 to $10.00 per month
                                                                                 MIDDLE CLASS TO THE  POOR
     {A} {B} {C} {D} classification based on one person If married policy can be devided or stayed. These are concept numbers to open the mind..............
      Submitted by Marh Hidabrand,asked would it not be better to build on , instead of droping off of the {A}{B}{C}
     {E}                                       up to $49000.00  per year,EST of monthly cost up to     $50.00 per month
     {F}                                       up to $59000.00  per year,EST of monthly cost up to      $60.00 per month
     {G}                                       up to $69000.00 per year,EST of monthly cost up to       $70.00 per month
     {H}                                       up to $79000.00 per year,EST of monthly cost up to       $80.00 per month
     {I}                                        up to $89000.00 per year,EST of monthly cost up to       $90.00 per month
      To balance a payment plan to fit within the bills, within a home..........{J} {K} {L} {M}     exc......................
      FASC Concepts

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