Monday, December 14, 2009

PBS to Air "Anatomy of a Pandemic"

PBS is airing a special entitled the “Anatomy of a Pandemic” which will explore the science and policy of this year’s swine flu pandemic, from federal vaccination headquarters to big city hospital emergency rooms. Please visit the web site at for more information and local listings.

Among those listed who will be interviewed include:
Anthony Fauci

o   Fauci, a director at the National Institutes of Health, relates his greatest disease fears, and what health officials are watching for in the future.
·         Barbara Ferrer
o   Ferrer, head of the Boston Public Health Commission, says minorities and the poor are seeing the worst of H1N1.
·         Anne Schuchat
o   Schuchat, director of CDC's National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, talks about the challenges of the H1N1 pandemic.
·         Michael Osterholm
o   Flu expert Dr. Michael Osterholm grades the U.S. response to the pandemic so far.
·         Barbara Loe Fisher
o   Fisher, of the National Vaccine Information Center, urges parents to take an active role in learning about vaccines.

Two of the stories featured on the web site include:
·         A pregnant pediatrician who continues to see flu patients.
·         Tough choices for the mother of an H1N1 patient.


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