Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Health is the New "Green"

Americans now feel that it is as important for businesses to engage in health as it is for them to engage in the environment, says one of the folks who produced Edelman's "Health Engagement Pulse" survey.

"In essence, health is becoming the new/next green," Nancy Turrett, Edelman's President for Health, told The Health Care Blog's Matthew Holt. However, Turrett warns the business community, consumers think only one in ten Americans think business is doing an excellent or very good job at ANY of these.

"The social contract that business of all stripes has with society is fortunately -- ironically in light of the financial/ethical come-uppance of the past 18 months -- top of mind for many business leaders.  It's a great time to enlighten them about the health engagement business imperative -- minds and strategic plans are more open now that I’ve seen in my 25 years communicating and engaging in health.


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