Thursday, April 1, 2010

Partnership Awards State/Local Grants

Partnership recently awarded grants to several state and local organziations to improve preventive services.

With funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-year grants were awarded to regional, state and local organizations to implement innovative strategies to increase chlamydia screening and follow-up care. The grants are also designed to encourage collaboration among local affiliates of the National Chlamydia Coalition (NCC). Comprised of 40 member organizations, the NCC was established to address the continued high burden of chlamydia infections, especially among women age 24 and younger.

Grants have been awarded to a variety of organizations, including county and state health departments, school-based health centers, a department of juvenile services, and a university, among others. The projects will address one or more barriers to chlamydia screening and will be designed to reach a variety of audiences. Lessons learned from the projects will be shared widely so that models can be replicated in other communities. For a complete list of grantees and project descriptions, click here.

Partnership also awarded six ACTTION State Grants for the implementation of innovative strategies to increase access to tobacco cessation treatments. Funds are to be used primarily for the development of state alliances/summit meetings and the creation of strategic plans. The projects will range from focusing on employer groups and health care systems to the uninsured and the behavioral health/substance abuse populations. For a complete list of grantees and project descriptions, click here.

With funding from the Pfizer Foundation, Partnership hopes to dramatically increase access to and use of proven tobacco cessation treatments through this grant program. The focus of the ACTTION state grants is system and policy change in tobacco cessation, rather than the delivery of programs or direct services.


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