Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Should You GYT?

As many as one in two sexually active young people will contract an STD before the age of 25 so MTV, Kaiser Family Foundation, CDC, Planned Parenthood, Partnership for Prevention and others are urging young people to GYT: Get Yourself Tested for sexually transmitted infections (STDs). Untreated STDs may result in infertility, increase risk of HIV transmission, or cause cervical cancer.

GYT is the central hub for STD information that includes facts and tips for talking about STDs to partners, health care providers, or parents. On the air, MTV is featuring information about STDs on MTV News and mtvU Dean’s List. The MTV “How To” Show will feature how to talk to your partner about getting tested and how to ask your doctor which tests are right for you. The Health Center/Clinic Toolkit also has fact sheets for patients and other content that can be downloaded for free.

You can also find local options for STD testing or text your zip code to the GYT short code (498669) from a mobile phone to get a text with testing centers close to you.

Partnership for Prevention leads the National Chlamydia Coalition (NCC) which strives to reduce the rates of chlamydia and its harmful effects among sexually active adolescents and young adults through increasing screening rates, public awareness and provider education.

Susan Maloney
Senior Program Officer
Partnership for Prevention


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