Tuesday, May 12, 2009

CDC To Review HPV Vaccine Requirement for US Citizenship

A coalition of more than 100 groups representing women, immigrants, and public health and reproductive rights advocates are hoping CDC will repeal its rule requiring female immigrants seeking U.S. citizenship to receive the human papillomavirus vaccine. CDC has been conducting an ongoing review of the requirement, and the public comment period ended on Friday.

Currently, female immigrants ages 11 to 26 must receive Gardasil to be eligible for a green card. The CDC advisory committee recommends the vaccine for U.S. residents, but the agency has proposed changing the criteria used to decide which vaccines should be required for immigrants. Critics say many young women are faced with the choice of getting the vaccine or waiting until they reach age 27 to acquire a green card. The vaccination is a three-shot series that costs between $400 and $1,000, which can add to financial strain for immigrants who already pay more than $1,000 in form fees and hundreds of dollars for mandatory medical exams.


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