Monday, February 1, 2010

Altria Hopes to Offer Smokeless Products as Less Harmful

The New York Times reports that tobacco manufacturer Altria apparently hopes to navigate around indoor smoking ban laws by persuading the Food and Drug and Administration to let them market smokeless tobacco as far less harmful than cigarettes. 

"While public health doctors agree that the smokeless products are far less hazardous to individuals than cigarettes, they still have concerns because all tobacco products contain nicotine and carcinogens," write the Times' Duff Wilson and Julie Creswell.. "They also contend that promoting smokeless products — some in tiny packages in the shape of cigarette packs — would attract new, perhaps younger customers and maintain the addiction for smokers who might otherwise quit. They note that Altria is adding flavorings to its smokeless products that have long been used in candy.Furthermore, critics say, "


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