Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Lancet’s retraction of a 1998 article linking autism to MMR vaccine was named the “Best Prevention Idea of the Week,” while the widespread failure of American adults to get needed immunizations was named “Worst Prevention Idea of the Week.”

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Lancet Finally Retracts Study Linking MMR, Autism

The Lancet has finally retracted its 1998 article that has fueled a worldwide movement against use of MMR vaccine for infants. The article by Dr. Andrew Wakefield claimed there was link between MMR and autism. The retraction comes days after the U.K.'s General Medical Council, a government regulatory agency, ruled that Dr. Andrew Wakefield acted "dishonestly and irresponsibly" in his research.


Millions of US Adults Behind on Immunizations

Millions of adults living in the U.S. are not up to date on their needed immunizations, leaving them at risk for preventable illnesses and even death, according to a new report released by Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), the Infectious Diseases Society and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. According to the report, key reasons for the low immunization rates include a lack of knowledge about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, limited access to immunization and limited research and development of new vaccines in the United States.


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