Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aspirin May Play a Role in Breast Cancer Survival

New research suggests that regular aspirin use among breast cancer patients may cut the risk of dying by 50 percent.  The Nurses’ Health Study surveyed 4,000 registered nurses and showed that taking aspirin two to five days a week cut the risk of dying by 71 percent, and reduced the risk of cancer spread by 60 percent.

Survey results were published in the Feb. 16 online edition of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.Researchers suspect that aspirin controls breast cancer by reducing inflammation in the body. However, the authors of the study call for more research to confirm the findings before aspirin is recommended for breast cancer alone.

At present, most women take aspirin for stroke and cardiovascular disease prevention. The breast cancer study demonstrates yet another preventive benefit of aspirin. Aspirin use could be a simple way for women to get protection for multiple health risks and they should be encouraged to take aspirin appropriately.


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